who are you living for?

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Now I know why they always told us kids…”Trust me, you do not want to grow up!”

The more I grow and the more mature I am forced to become, I realize that the path I am headed towards is simply, destructive.

God, I miss the days when I had no clue what my parents were saying or what their actions meant, or the repercussions they would one day have on me. The days where family was not just a word, but a feeling, an experience, a sort of happiness. But as time passes by, you unravel the little bits and pieces of every person, their ideologies, their beliefs…the sad truth one might say. The people I looked up to for many many years are flawed from the core. I am surrounded by broken pieces who neither want to or will ever be put back together again.

Behind strength and determination is long routed sexism, behind love and altruism is materialism and selfishness, behind courage and ambition is hatred and vengeance, behind diligence and timidity is fear and disbelief and behind confidence and exuberance is greed and spite.

Most don’t realize how connected us humans really are. A person having a bad day who pushes someone on the street and completely ruin their day too. Similarly unhappy lives breed unhappy lives because what we do affects how we treat others and what they are exposed to. I’m ashamed to say I’m the person I am today…someone who has grown up seeing nothing but hate…camouflaged among the fake and glamorous lives we oftentimes entitle ourselves to. There is no erase button and even if there was, there would be a huge price to pay for it.

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