who are you living for?

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hue jackman


i showed this to my sister and she slapped me

(Source: noverachiever, via guy)

I live in a world with billions of individuals and yet I can’t find a single person who excites me, challenges me, makes me cry, makes me smile, makes me feel fifty different emotions all at once. Someone who I absolutely and completely want to suffocate yet I wouldn’t think twice giving my life away for. Someone who makes me grow as a person, someone who I can talk to days for, someone who understands me the way I do. Someone who has the same inspirations in life, someone who not only has a long list of dreams he wants to accomplish but someone who will be there every step of the way motivating me to accomplish mine. Someone who overlooks the outside and manages to peek inside. Someone who I can be my self around, someone who I don’t need to be someone else to impress. Someone who respects my boundaries and yet manages to break every single one. Someone who encompasses all the things I’ve been looking for and that much more. 

I’m tired of talking to the same boring old personality in fifty different forms.  People who are happy with exactly where they are in life and lack aspiration. People who have money stuck up their asses and don’t want to work for it themselves. People who are obsessed with the idea of having a relationship as opposed to actually being with someone they love. Shallow, tasteless and boring.

I know “there’s someone out there” for me but fuck can he be here already. 

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